Associate Development Programme

About the Programme

The Associate Development Programme (ADP) has been developed to help new recruits, graduates or career changes from our Corporate members into the profession to develop their skills and knowledge against the CIISec Skills Framework. The programme will help an individual to achieve professional recognition rapidly.

Gaining Associate Membership of the CIISec demonstrates an individual’s knowledge and ability to other security professionals and underpins professional credibility. Associate Membership is recognised by the post-nominal ACIIS; it is a key part of the pathway to being awarded Full Membership.


The programme consists of monthly hour-long sessions where individuals watch two speakers and then take part in a Q&A. The majority of these sessions will take place via a video conferencing platform to enable wider access, but there will be some face to face networking opportunities as well. 

Participants will undertake a short exercise before the following session with a mentor from within their organisation to demonstrate that they understand how the skill area is applied, by completing a flashcard which reinforces their knowledge.

Gaining Accredited Membership

To gain Associate Membership, participants will not need to complete the standard Associate Application form, but a much simpler tailored form. At the end of the programme, participants will need to evidence knowledge gained through submitting a number of the completed flashcards. They will also need to evidence practical experience and competency for four areas of the Skills Framework from sections A-I recording their evidence using the STAR format. A participants mentor will need to provide a short reference to confirm that the individual has been working competently, professionally and developed the appropriate professional behaviours expected to meet J Skill requirements.


Am I eligible to join the programme?
The Associate Development Programme is a benefit for CIISec Corporate members. Corporate employees who have just joined the organisation or are interested in beginning their career pathway are welcome to join. 

Can I join the programme after it has started?
All sessions are recorded and will be available on ‘catchup’. We advise that should you aim to miss no more than 2 sessions. Please arrange a period of self-study with your mentor to catch up on the content you have missed and complete the relevant flashcards.

I think I have knowledge in some skill areas already, do I need to attend all of the sessions? 
We would encourage you to attend all of the sessions however you are required to evidence a level 2 of knowledge in a minimum of 6 skill areas. We advise that participants sits down with their mentor before they join the programme to discuss which skill areas they will focus most on in their role. We understand this may change over time as roles and responsibilities change.

Who do I contact for more information on the programme?
Please contact the Events team at [email protected]

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