CIISec believes passionately in attracting and encouraging new people into the field of cyber security, and apprenticeships are a key feature in this initiative. CIISec has played a major role in working with Qufaro, BCS, CompTia and others to develop a Cyber Security Technician Standard at Level 3; this Standard has recently been approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE). We believe this Standard will be a major factor in attracting young people into the profession at the grassroots level. All apprentices who successfully complete the End Point Assessment for the Cyber Security Technician Standard will be eligible for Accredited Affiliate Membership of CIISec.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is when an individual works and learns at the same time. As an apprentice, you will be working in a real job where you will be employed by a company, have a contract of employment, get paid a salary and be entitled to all of the statutory benefits such as holiday and sick pay. At the end of your apprenticeship you will gain a qualification alongside great experience and knowledge. 

Who is an apprenticeship for?

Apprenticeships can be a suitable option for anyone. You will probably be surprised to learn that you can achieve a full HND Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with a degree apprenticeship, so it’s worth doing your research to see if you can achieve your career goal by following the apprenticeship pathway.

Can an Apprentice become a CIISec member? 

CIISec has aligned the apprenticeship standards to the Skills Framework in order to be able to create pathways in to CIISec Membership, recognising and supporting apprentices embarking on their careers. Apprentices who successfully complete a level 3 Cyber Security Apprenticeship will be eligible for Associate membership after 6 months in post. Similarly, an individual who completes a Level 4 Cyber Security Apprenticeship will be eligible for Full Membership after spending six months in their role.

What resources are available for Cyber Security Apprentices?

CIISec has created the CIISec Apprenticeship Programme (CAP) to help nurture and grow individuals through their apprenticeships and into their early careers. It's bi weekly webinar sessions are hosted by subject matter experts in a programme designed to offer an in-depth insight into the key areas of the Skills Framework. Interwoven with the professional behaviours and attributes employers expect, it gives individuals the opportunity to gain exposure, to and knowledge in, areas they may not touch upon in their usual role and to learn from seasoned industry professionals.

As well as a tailored webinar series to provide an overall grasp of Information Security, apprentices will become part of a strong community where they will have opportunities to network with other apprentices in the industry. They will have access to Peer Leaders who are on hand to offer advice and discuss their experiences in their apprenticeships. They will have access to previous online events and be invited to attend future webinars exploring subjects such as professional behaviours in the workplace, designed to help further their development. 

If you are an apprentice, organisation running an apprenticeships or would like to host a session please email [email protected] for more information

Improves productivity and quality

"Employers who have an established apprenticeship programme reported that productivity in their workplace had improved by 76% whilst 75% reported that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service”  

Never too old!

Don’t assume you’re too old to do an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships for over 25s are increasingly common and it might be the perfect way for you to change career.