Dr Alastair MacWillson (FCIIS)

Chair, Chartered Institute of Information Security


With his extensive background and experience in information technology, security and applied cryptography, Dr. MacWillson is internationally recognised as an expert in the field. As such, he is a frequent speaker and commentator on technology and security issues and his insights have been featured by some of the top media outlets such as the BBC, CNN, The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.

Dr. MacWillson is also a visiting lecturer on security and technology and has presented on many programmes with MIT, Georgetown, Stanford, Cambridge, Surrey and RHUL universities and the LBS. During his career Dr. MacWillson has published many articles and papers on technology and risk and has authored journals on cyber and information security, risk, cryptography and cyber terrorism, as well as a widely selling textbook on Hostage Taking Terrorism (McMillan 1992).

Dr MacWillson has acted as an adviser to a number of governments on technology strategy critical infrastructure protection, cyber security and counter terrorism and has sat on related committees for the US and UK governments, the European Commission and the United Nations.

Dr. Alastair MacWillson was formerly Global Managing Partner of Technology Consulting leading Accenture’s technology strategy and risk, operational performance and management, cyber and information security, and critical infrastructure protection businesses. He also served on Accenture’s Technology leadership council.

Prior to joining Accenture in 2002, Dr. MacWillson was the global leader of the technology consulting practice in PricewaterhouseCoopers. During his time with PwC he also had responsibility for the PwC technology venture fund, which had $50m invested in new business activities, and was also the founder and interim global CEO for beTRUSTed, a managed service e-security business of PwC which, after divestment, subsequently became CyberTrust and acquired by Verizon

Dr. MacWillson has a B.Sc. in Physics (Lond), Postgraduate Diplomas in Computer Science and Digital Imaging, a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, a D.Phil. in Cryptographic Science and an EMBA from IMD in Lausanne.

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