Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

Our aim

At CIISec we strive to treat everyone in a fair manner, according to your individual needs. Everybody should feel welcome regardless of gender, disability, race, age, religion, culture, and sexual orientation. We want you to feel a sense of belonging, feel respected, valued and seen for who you are. 

We are very keen to work towards the profession better reflecting the population. 

CIISec’s Women in Cyber have produced a series of webinars on a wide variety of topics covering D&I. The series is available to watch for CIISec members and new webinars are added regularly.  We are publishing a monthly article in SC Magazine, often in relation to the webinar topics. 

From the moment we started Women in Cyber, we realised there is a lot more to do to make the profession more inclusive. We are committed to help unlock the skills and talents from a diverse range of people, to attract, help them progress and stay in the industry. 



Find out more

There is a lot more work in progress. If you would like to contribute or have any suggestions, please contact us on enquiries@ciisec.org

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