Our Fellows

About Fellow

Fellow is the highest level of attainment in the Chartered Institute of Information Security’s (CIISec) membership levels and is there to:

  • Recognise industry leaders in the information/cyber security profession. 
  • Meet the aspirations for recognition of achievement and contribution to the profession, within the current membership body. 
  • Attract those in the profession with higher levels of skills, experience, respect and attainment. 

List of current Fellows
David Alexander
Leslie Anderson
Rory Alsop
Owen Birnie
Martyn Boston
Alessandro Crompton
Dr Allan Cook
John Cook
Peter D'Ardenne
Dr Jon Davies
Dr Budgie Dhanda
Professor Paul Dorey
Professor Daniel Dresner
Chris Cooper
Phill Everson
Mike Fell
David Ferbrache
Peter Fischer
Daryl Flack
Professor Steven Furnell
Chris Gausden
Edward Hamilton
Douglas Haywood
Anthony Healy
Chris Hodson
Matthew Horan
John Hughes
Mark Hughes
Dr Mike Humphrey
Paul Irwin
Sian John
Mark Kendrew
Bryan Lillie
Dr Alastair MacWillson
Arthur Mainja
Graeme McGowan
Christopher Myers
Terry Neal
Dr Robert Nowill
Melanie Oldham
Phil Owen
Professor Fred Piper
Nina Paine
John Pringle
Craig Rice
Chris Richards
Colin Robbins
Nick Seaver
Kevin Streater
Steve Thomas
Jill Trebilcock
Paul Thorlby
Shane Tully
Sir Rob Wainwright
Sharon Wiltshire

How to become a Fellow