Ed Hamilton

Global Head of Information Security Operations, AXA


Edward Hamilton is the Global Head of Information Security Operations at AXA. He is a founding member of the IISP and has now attained Fellow status. Edward has worked in the security industry for over 20 years, developing an extensive knowledge base by undertaking a wide range of roles from security engineer, CHECK team lead penetration tester, security architect, CLAS consultant and CISO.

In his 20 years of security experience Edward has worked for and provided security services to a wide variety of organisations including local and central government, emergency services, logistics, finance and telecommunications.
Edward has been an IISP corporate representative, for over 4 years.  In September 2015 he became chair of the corporate forum. In February 2016 he was elected to the IISP board of directors. 

He has had practical experience in adapting and deploying the IISP’s skills framework for multiple organisations and seen the benefits that can be derived from using the institute’s tools.
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