Accreditation for Training Providers

About the Scheme

Courses will either be accredited as level 1 or level 2 where: 

Level 1 means the course imparts knowledge
Level 2 means that the course imparts knowledge and reinforces this knowledge through practical content
This enables attendees to build knowledge in areas of the skills framework where they might have gaps and to gain hands-on experience. 
Courses for Users, Managers and Senior Executives who are not Cyber and Information Security Professionals will be accredited as level U1 or U2: 
Level U1 means the course covers awareness of cyber and information security issues
Level U2 means that the course covers cyber and information security issues such as Governance, Risk and Incident Management in greater depth 

CIISec also recognises GCT Certified Training although this process has been carried out against V1.0 of the Skills Framework so an additional mapping will have to be carried out.

 Why accredit your course?

Accreditation inspires confidence for purchasers and acts as a market differentiator, allowing an organisation to stand out from other cyber or information security organisation with similar offerings. By having your training course accredited by CIISec you are demonstrating to both individuals and organisations that your course(s) have been independently assessed against the CIISec Skills Framework and that you have met the high standards demanded by the accreditation process. The Skills Framework was developed in conjunction with industry, government and academia and is used widely to develop capability and training plans. Having a CIISec Training Accreditation allows individuals and organisations to easily map your offerings to their development pathways and in turn, will encourage them to use you. To market and promote the quality of your training course and the investment you have made in producing high standard training and development materials, you will be eligible to use the CIISec logo on your website and the CIISec Accredited Training course logo on the course materials.

Benefits of course accreditation
• Demonstrates to delegates that courses meet the high accreditation standards set by the CIISec
• Demonstrates independent assessment and verification of your course
• Provides you with a competitive advantage over non accredited courses
• Improved awareness of your courses to the professional community
• Improved awareness with corporate purchases of training and developers of people
• Greater access to the community to promote offers and thought leadership
• Allows you to use the CIISec accredited logos on your web site, course and marketing materials

All courses are listed on the CIISec website and promoted to the professional community. Each accredited course receives a short write up in our Pulse Magazine and you will have the opportunity to offer CIISec members offers and discounts.

Our accreditation process

There are a number of elements to the accreditation process which the assessor undertakes, these involve:
• Assessing the training providers’ processes for administering and delivering the course. This involves looking at the internal process for managing changes to the course; quality control of the course including negative feedback; production of any certification/qualifications 
• Evaluating the full set of course materials against the Skills Framework (slides, course and tutor notes, exercises, mock examinations/tests and other handouts)
• Review the CV and bios of lead trainer(s). The independent subject matter expert will then make their recommendation to the Training Accreditation Committee (TAC). Accreditation is awarded when all elements of the process have met the standard and have been ratified by the TAC.

NB: If a course contains practical elements, then an assessor may need to attend your organisation to make the assessment, this may incur additional charges. Online courses will require access.