Mitigate Cyber become a CIISec Corporate Member

30th October 2020

We are delighted to welcome Mitigate Cyber as a new Corporate Member of CIISec. Mitigate Cyber is one of the leading cyber security companies in the UK and work with organisations to detect and mitigate internal and external threats, to help prevent cyber attacks and breaches through specialised services and training. Based at Security Lancaster, a Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research, Cyber Essentials Certification Body and CREST Certified, Mitigate Cyber is at the forefront of providing cyber security services worldwide.

Mitigate Cyber believe in keeping cyber security as simple and convenient as possible whilst offering security services to keep business’ data safe and secure, through the one-stop-shop for all cyber security requirements:
Mitilearn – Cyber Security Awareness Training
Mitihack – Simulated Hacking 
Miticert – Cyber Essentials Certification 
Miticomply – Cyber Security Compliance and Consultancy 
Mitisure – Cyber Liability Insurance 
Mitiintel – Managed Threat Detection and Response.

Zain Javed, CTO at Mitigate Cyber said, “The team at Mitigate are delighted to become a corporate member at CIISec. To us, cyber security is an essential part of any business and our goal is to keep cyber security as simple as possible whilst offering the highest standards. From this membership, we believe that we will be able to provide our insight into the industry along with the expertise of CIISec.”

For more information and to start your free trial visit:
Find Mitigate Cyber on social media; Twitter (@mitigate_cyber) and LinkedIn (Mitigate Cyber). 

You can find more information on CIISec Corporate Membership here