NCSC CCP Scheme Update

29th January 2021

APMG has been running a pilot for certification in CCP specialisms for Risk Management and Security Architect whilst these are currently still ongoing, the understanding is the Risk Management specialism will conclude soon. Therefore, the anticipation is that the new scheme will be introduced later this year. 

NCSC has advised that the cut-off date for awarding CCP role certifications is 31st March 2021, which will result in a certificate end date of 31st March 2024.

Therefore, if you are intending to submit a CCP role-based application and have not yet paid, please contact us as a matter of urgency, so we can discuss and work with you, to ensure we can get your application processed.

For those of you have paid and not yet submitted your application please remember that fees cannot be refunded. If you do not expect to meet the time frame previously advised please contact 

NCSC will be holding an event for CCP Holders on 16th February. If you do not currently hold CCP but would be interested in finding out more about the latest developments in the CCP Scheme, please let us know so we can inform NCSC of the interest in the CCP specialisms from non-CCP holders.

*The dates above could be subject to change, but this will be dependent on NCSC guidance.