SecureAge become CIISec Corporate Members 

22nd October 2021

We are thrilled that SecureAge have joined CIISec as Corporate Members. This enables us to collaborate further and to amalgamate our shared values of raising the standards of professionalism in cyber security. We look forward to sharing their thought leadership, helping to develop their teams and welcoming them into our Corporate Member community.  

Jerry Ray, SecureAge Technology COO said “Following our UK office opening in 2019, we were excited to become a member of CIISec and are looking forward to share more of our experience in protecting the government bodies and enterprises with the other members. We’re also hoping to increase awareness on the importance of tightening company’s cyber defence and protecting what matters, without disrupting your work or forcing your employees to become a cybersecurity expert”. 

To give background as to what SecureAge Technology do, the company places security and usability on equal footing. Headquartered in Singapore, SecureAge are trusted by governments, research Institutes, and forward-thinking organisations to protect them from the most advanced cyber threats. What makes SecureAge different is that they have built a reputation for data-centric and intuitive security solutions that do not force users to become cybersecurity experts. That’s why their users escape data liabilities and enjoy 100% file-level security, every file, and every time.  

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You can find more information on CIISec Corporate Membership here