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“Empathy trumps ego”, says Standard Chartered cyber head
SC Magazine - 8th December 2021

11 crystal ball cyber predictions for the year ahead
SC Magazine - 7th November 2021

How to make the most of cyber apprenticeships
SC Magazine - 6th November 2021

The Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Myth or Reality?
TechCrunch - 4th November 2021

Cyber theft is the fastest growing crime in the world – but help is at hand
The Telegraph - 2nd November 2021

Closing the cyber security education gap
IT Pro - 6th July 2021

Cyber Security Council to champion UK security pros
Computer Weekly - 31st March 2021

Cyber security skills in the UK labour market
TEISS - 26th March 2021

UK faces significant cyber talent shortfall
Computer Weekly - 24th March 2021

Women of Influence List
SC Magazine - 8th February 2021

What will be the single biggest security threat of 2021?
IDG Connect - 7th February 2021

The nation state threat to business
Computer Weekly – 8th January 2021

2020: Year in Review with CIISec's Amanda Finch
Security Insights Podcast - 31st December 2020

The future of cyber security in 2021
Teiss - 18th December 2020

Upskilling a remote workforce
IT Pro - 15th December 2020

Bringing cyber security into the 21st century
Teiss - 12 December 2020

Cybersecurity and the business: Aiming for alignment
Infosecurity Magazine - 10th December 2020

Cyber Progress Report
Professional Security - 25th November 2020

Putting Security into our DNA
Digital Bulletin - September 2020

5 Ways for Cybersecurity Teams to Work Smarter, Not Harder
Dark Reading - 3rd September 2020

Ask the Expert: Diversity and Burnout in Cybersecurity
Enterprise Management - 2nd September 2020

Has the pandemic fast-tracked the evolution of cybersecurity?
TechHQ  - 24th August 2020

How do we fix security's toxic culture?
IT Pro - 4th August 2020

Burn out? IT security and mental health
Security Insights - 24th July 2020

Raconteur Supplement: Fraud & Privacy
Raconteur/The Times - 23rd July 2020

More than half of cybersecurity professionals suffer overwork or burnout
Betanews - 17th July 2020

Over 50% of IT security professionals are experiencing burnout
Verdict - 15th July 2020

Burn baby burn, infosec inferno: Just 21% of security pros haven't considered quitting their current job
The Register - 14th July 2020

Over Half of Cyber Security Professionals Affected by Overwork or Burnout, CIISec Survey Finds
UK Tech News - 14th July 2020

CISOs undervalued, overworked, burning out, warns CIISec
Computer Weekly - 14th July 2020

Over half of cybersecurity professionals affected by overwork or burnout
IT Pro Portal - 14th July 2020

Lack of Diversity and Career Burnout Blights Infosec Industry
Infosecurity Magazine - 14th July 2020

Overworked and burnt out? Cybersecurity pros under more pressure
TechHQ - 14th July 2020

Using the crisis as a cybersecurity opportunity
Raconteur - 24th June 2020

Raconteur Supplement: Digital Transformation
The Raconteur/The Times - June 2020

Raconteur Supplement: Remote Working in cyber security
The Raconteur/The Times - June 2020

Coronavirus: Cyber security spend to slow in 2020
Computer Weekly - 17th June 2020

Five ways our approach to cybersecurity could change post COVID-19
TechHQ - 28th April 2020

Raconteur Cybersecurity Supplement
The Sunday Times - 22nd March 2020

How to tackle the insecure mental health of the stressed out Chief Information Security Officer
Diginomica - 10th March 2020

The latest government data breaches in 2019/2020
The Daily Swig - 27th February 2020

How to build the perfect tech team despite talent shortages
Computer Weekly - 20th February 2020

These 20 ‘Hackers’ Helped Shape The Cybersecurity Landscape Forever
Forbes - 10th February 2020

SCTV S2E5 presents Amanda Finch and the Chartered Institute of Information Security
Security Culture TV - 27th January 2020

Infosecurity Magazine: A New Dawn for Data Privacy Rights
Infosecurity Magazine - 27th January 2020

2020: Predictions from Industry Leaders and Experts
Top Business Tech - 23rd December 2019

Cybersecurity predictions for 2020: 45 industry experts have their say
Verdict - 18th December 2019

Do we need to improve diversity within cyber security?
IT Pro - 16th December 2019

How remote working increases cyber security risks 
Financial Times - 8th December 2019

Why A Human Firewall Is The Biggest Defence Against Data Breach
Data Economy - 4th December 2019

What threat do nation state hackers pose to businesses?

IT Pro - 11th November 2019

2020 Cybersecurity Predictions – Experts Comments
Information Security Buzz - 1st November 2019

Organisations failing to diversify their infosec teams will fail to meet skills requirements
SC Media UK - 24th October 2019

The Information security industry at risk from lack of diversity
Betanews - 24th October 2019

CIISec warns organisations are at risk due to lack of diversity
Intelligent CISO - 24th October 2019

Chartered Institute: IT Security Industry is Stagnating
Infosecurity Magazine - 24th October 2019

CIISec warns over lack of cyber security diversity
National Technology News - 24th October 2019

IT security still failing to attract workers
Professional Security - 24th October 2019

Lack of diversity in the IT security industry worsening the skills gap
TEISS - 24th October 2019

Information security industry has to become more diverse, warns Chartered Institute of Information Security
UK Tech News: - 24th October 2019

Lack of resources top challenge to IT security
Computer Weekly - 2nd August 2019

Lack of resources top challenge to IT security
Computer Weekly - 2nd August 2019

Budget shortages and bad management impact staff retention
SC Magazine UK - 2nd August 2019

Cybersecurity budgets not increasing with threats, finds CIIS report
Intelligent CISO - 1st August 2019

Cybersecurity budgets not increasing with threats, finds CIIS report
Intelligent CIO - 1st August 2019

Resource Headaches Top Security Pros’ Challenges
Infosecurity Magazine - 1st August 2019

Annual Security Professionals Survey Reveals Resource Shortage Biggest Challenge, as Budgets Grow Slower than Rising Threat Levels
Digital Forensics Magazine - 1st August 2019

Chartered Institute calls for standardisation of information security qualifications
SC Magazine UK - 16th July 2019

IISP Gets Royal Charter Status to Professionalize Cyber Industry
Infosecurity - 9th July 2019