27/08/20 - Innovation Webinar 02

27/08/20 - Innovation Webinar 02
Data Visibility

CIISec recognises that large organisations spend their time and money searching for solutions to both everyday problems and those that may impact their business models over the next few years. At the same time small innovators do not always have the opportunity to promote their products to these companies. 

Using our community CIISec propose a match making opportunity to benefit both parties. CIISec’s Corporate Partners, Full and Fellow members are invited to attend webinar sessions aimed at finding solutions to the problems their organisations may face. 

To ensure credibility, the innovation companies presenting will have been vetted by a small steering group already familiar with the sector.

Our Innovators 

As disruptive thought leaders in the field of technological innovation, multinational data sharing, and enterprise data security solutions, GeoLang believes the management or mismanagement of data can either make or break an organisation. From increased data visibility to supporting regulatory compliance, we are pioneers in helping organisations locate, understand and protect their critical and high-value information across their digital estate. Our award-winning Ascema Data Security suite leverages the latest machine learning, fingerprinting and classification algorithms to help future-proof your organisation. As well as offering real-time protection and comprehensive data visibility to ensure your critical enterprise data is appropriately protected our solutions are elegant and simple to both deploy and use. We listened to our clients who told us they don’t need another technology that feeds thousands of lines of reports into an SIEM that their security analysts have no chance of reviewing. Geolang technologies focus on highly automated remediation mechanisms that distribute the heavy load of remediation to data owners whilst giving security analysts oversight. 

Dr Debbie Garside, Chief Executive Officer of GeoLang Limited and Chief Innovation Scientist for the wider Shearwater Group plc.
As Certified Scrum Product Owner, Debbie plays an active role in innovation and the development of GeoLang’s award-winning Ascema Data Security platform. An experienced entrepreneur with strong industry expertise in cybersecurity and natural language processing, Debbie was awarded the first Prince of Wales Innovation Scholarship by University of Wales, achieving a PhD in Computer Science for her thesis ‘Human Visual Perception in Cyber Security’ and patented the resultant Pseudo-Isochromatic CAPTCHA System. Debbie is currently a member of the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) Defence and Security Advisory Board and was formerly on the advisory board to HPC Wales and the Wikimedia Foundation. Past experience as the Principal UK Expert and an International expert in language encoding, including Chair of BSI’s TS1-1 Committee, Convenor of ISO TC37 SC2 and Editor of ISO 639-6. Debbie regularly contributes to Computer Science related publications.

Arjun Ponnusamy, Product Owner and Research & Development (R&D) Lead at GeoLang Limited, part of the Shearwater Group PLC.
Backed by a Masters in Advanced Computer Science from University of St Andrews, Arjun has several multi-disciplinary researches to his credit and has experience in multiple programming languages and technologies. He has to his credit peer-reviewed international publications covering social network analysis, rapid sense making, personal, organisational and national security in social media. Arjun is a certified natural language analyst with experience in machine learning, sentiment analysis, ontology and semantic annotations. 

Digital Insight 
Digital Insight provides all organisations the power to perform comprehensive background research on companies and individuals at the touch of a button.  The platform uses AI technologies to go well beyond traditional watchlist solutions by using all available internet data to research and produce comprehensive reports, on demand, in five minutes.

Digital Insight is used by organisations to understand who they are doing business with, comply with regulations and protect their reputation.  It is as easy to use as Google, requires no training and can be run anytime from anywhere. 

Shaun O’Mahony, Co-founder of Digital Insight.
Shaun has worked in the software and solutions industry for over 20 years, holds a Masters in Electronic and Computer Engineering from York University and has published research in the field of augmented reality. 
Prior to co-founding Digital Insight, Shaun founded and led Blackdot Solutions for seven years; developing a revolutionary, market-leading intelligence platform which is now used to protect our national security. 

Shaun was previously a solution architect working for prestigious London consultancy Detica. In his time at Detica, Shaun designed intelligence platforms for high-end law enforcement and government clients and advised on ‘open source intelligence’ (developing insight from the internet and commercial data providers). 

Daniel Secretan, Co-founder of Digital Insight.
Dan studied Computer Science at Cambridge University and has worked in the tech sector for over 20 years. He was the global operations director of the Financial Crime division of BAE Systems for 6 years.
Before co-founding Digital Insight, Dan was responsible for the fastest growing departments at Detica and was part of the management team that grew the company from 400 employees in the UK to over 4000 staff in 15 countries. 
Detica was acquired by BAE Systems in 2008 and Dan remained on the leadership team growing the Financial Crime and Cyber products divisions through acquisitions and organically. 
Dan co-founded Digital Insight after identifying that the AI used in the Financial Crime sector could harness the power of internet data to allow companies to improve risk management around people.

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27/08/2020 16:30 - 17:30
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