30/07/20 - Innovation Webinar 01

30/07/20 - Innovation Webinar 01
Behavioural aspects of Cyber Security

CIISec recognises that large organisations spend their time and money searching for solutions to both everyday problems and those that may impact their business models over the next few years. At the same time small innovators do not always have the opportunity to promote their products to these companies. 

Using our community CIISec propose a match making opportunity to benefit both parties. CIISec’s Corporate Partners, Full and Fellow members are invited to attend webinar sessions aimed at finding solutions to the problems their organisations may face. 

To ensure credibility, the innovation companies presenting will have been vetted by a small steering group already familiar with the sector.


ThinkCyber was founded in 2016, by Dr Mike Butler and Tim Ward, with a mission to deliver pragmatic, user centric solutions to cyber security challenges. Mike and Tim have a wealth of experience as security and IT practitioners which, via multiple Innovate UK grants, they have combined with expertise from academia to create their transformative solution. ThinkCyber are alumni of the first cohort through LORCA, of SetSquared, Accelerator Academy, C5 Accelerate, the Digital Catapult Cyber 101 programme and the Cambridge Judge Business School Entrepreneurship centre.

ThinkCyber’s Redflags™ applies the theory and evidence of behavioural science to uniquely deliver real-time, context-aware security guidance – at the point users are at risk. Short, actionable and highly relevant content educates end users. Gentle and timely “nudges” strengthen behaviours and reduce risk. Full metrics on, and measurement of, engagement offer visibility and unique insights into security behaviour. Redflags™ allow security teams to drive secure behaviour change amongst end-users, as well as creating ongoing engagement with information security.

Tim Ward,CEO and Co-Founder of ThinkCyber
Tim has 20+ experience years in both consulting and corporate IT at Logica, PA Consulting, Sepura; and was Global Head of IT for the cyber division of BAE Systems (Detica). Tim studied Computer Science with AI at the University of Leeds, holds an MBA from the Open University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Cambridge University.


Signify are a data science company that use open source data and proprietary machine learning technology to provide insight and intelligence from bespoke audience to population-level. Whereas others look at simply what people are saying, Signify uncover why they are saying it and how they intend to react. We use transparent methodology and present our findings without spin, giving clients the confidence to make better, smarter, decisions. Signify have a strong record identifying the key issues and likely outcomes in political campaigns: we accurately mapped party support in the last UK general election, providing evidence that social care remained the fundamental decision issue, despite headlines leading on Brexit, security and climate change. In the US, we’ve also worked on Gubernatorial elections and topics including gun control, voter suppression and the design and impact of fake news networks. Our clients include FTSE100 businesses and media outlets as well as a number of marketing and research agencies. 

Jonathan Hirshler, CEO and Co-Founder of Siginify
Jonathan is Co-Founder and CEO of ethical data science company, Signify Group, a role that draws upon 20+ years of experience at the intersection of politics, online messaging and digital strategy. Jonathan started working in the Houses of Parliament before joining political communications consultancy APCO-UK. In 2003 he founded digital agency ScoreComms which he led for 10 years before being acquired in 2013 by specialist financial services marketing agency, AML Group. During his 5 year tenure at AML, Jonathan served on the Board and as Chief Digital Officer, guiding the business through a digital transformation exercise whilst advising global banking and asset management clients (including BNY Mellon, AXA IM and Pictet Asset Management) on their digital technology, online messaging and social media strategies.

Threat Matrix
Over the last 12 months Jonathan has worked on Signify’s Threat Matrix initiative, aimed at identifying, monitoring, evidencing and stamping out online abuse targeted at high profile individuals, campaigns and brands via social media. Jonathan has led the development of partnerships with Kick It Out, FIFA and a number of high-profile Premier League Football clubs – with a view to launching across the Premier League in 2020.

Threat Matrix uses machine learning to scan all accessible communications on social media to detect abuse. The service also incorporates email, websites and visual recognition capabilities.Abuse (whether racist, or personal) is archived with repeat and worst offenders reported to clubs and social media platforms. Threatening behaviour is automatically picked up and evaluated according to the CTAP 25 CyberThreat protocol, creating a database of concerning behaviour for club officials and law enforcement. Data protection: With a focus on issues rather than individuals, Threat Matrix is able to navigate and work within privacy, data protection and surveillance legislation in the UK, EU and United States.


16:00: Introductions to the project from our CEO Amanda Finch and our Steering Committee Simon Heggie and Patrick MacGloin.

16:10: Tim Ward, CEO and Co-Founder of ThinkCyber presenting their product Redflags™

16:30: Jonathan Hirshler, CEO and Co-Founder of Siginify Presenting their product Threat Matrix

16:50: Q&A

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7/30/2020 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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