25/02/2021 - Innovation Webinar 06

25/02/2021 - Innovation Webinar 06
Secure Operations 

CIISec recognises that large organisations spend their time and money searching for solutions to both everyday problems and those that may impact their business models over the next few years. At the same time small innovators do not always have the opportunity to promote their products to these companies. 

Using our community CIISec propose a match making opportunity to benefit both parties. CIISec’s Corporate Partners, Full and Fellow members are invited to attend webinar sessions aimed at finding solutions to the problems their organisations may face. 

To ensure credibility, the innovation companies presenting will have been vetted by a small steering group already familiar with the sector.

Our Innovators 

Dave Mareels, CEO and Co-founder at SOC.OS 
Following a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Dave spent 3 years on BAE Systems’ internal engineering leadership programme working across military aircraft (Eurofighter Typhoon), maritime (Minehunter Ships) and cyber domains, before taking on SOC.OS in 2018. He lead the SOC.OS spin-out deal in June 2020 and now serves as CEO and co-founder of the business. 

In the early days of SOC.OS, before any effort went into designing or developing a technical solution, months were spent listening to customers and infosec professionals to explore the age-old problem of alert fatigue, which still plagues and burdens information security teams worldwide today. Collecting feedback about the problems our peers and colleagues faced day-day, fuelled our determination to challenge the notion that “security-alert-whack-a-mole” was here to stay. And thus, the SOC.OS mission was born; to fundamentally re-write the playbook that dictates how security operations are conducted today.

After understanding the problem at length, and building an Alpha product within BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, the first successful proof of concepts were completed in Q1 2018. The SOC.OS team and product span-out from BAE Systems in June 2020  with the help of new VC partners, enabling the founding team to develop and scale the SOC.OS service at speed, accelerating the value that the product delivers to the SOC.OS customer community, who are influencing the product’s roadmap via feedback.

Tal Mozes, CEO and Co-founder at Mitiga 
Tal is a serial-entrepreneur with multiple exits, including Hacktics, acquired by Ernst & Young. As Partner at EY, Tal headed EMEA Cyber Threat Management for the financial sector. He also led EY’s Americas Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence.

Founded by a team of experienced cybersecurity entrepreneurs, Mitiga has commercialized military-grade methodologies to provide organizations with proactive cybersecurity services that have been designed ‘from the ground up’ for the Cloud. Combined with Big Four expertise in providing business focused services and our advanced threat intelligence technology, we support organizations’ most complex hybrid cloud environments. Mitiga works with Fortune-500 companies around the world across all verticals. Mitiga is backed by and partnered with world leading cybersecurity VCs. With offices in the US, the UK and Israel, our global teams provide deep hands-on experience in mission-critical cybersecurity operations.

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