26/01/2021 - Masterclass: Supply Chain Management

26/01/2021 - Masterclass: Supply Chain Management
Masterclass: Supply Chain Management 


In today's volatile and evolving threat landscape, we find in too many cases that supplier relationships offer a hidden route by which cyber criminals gain access to an organisations most critical assets. We regularly see casualties of this type of breach in the news, for example Target and General Electric - with the resulting damage to most being operational, financial, regulatory – and even existential!

In this masterclass, Cyber Risk Management Group (CRMG) will walk you through the building blocks of information security in supply chain management. Referencing a typical procurement lifecycle, the session will outline best practices identified by CIISec in its latest ‘ABC Guide’ on Supply Chain Management. The speakers, Co-Founders at CRMG will then take a ‘deeper dive’ to highlight the attributes of a pragmatic, risk-based approach that helps focus attention on the most important supplier relationships whilst maintaining a strong baseline of supplier security overall.
Our speakers 

Simon Rycroft, Co-Founder & Director at Cyber Risk Management Group
Simon Rycroft is Co-founder and Director at CRMG.  Simon’s career in cybersecurity spans 25 years, working in leadership roles for PwC and ISF. Simon’s expertise covers both subject matter and operational management. Core areas of specialism include cyber risk management and assessment, information security governance and benchmarking. 
Simon has had the privilege to work with hundreds of organisations, focusing particularly on how pragmatic standards, tools and approaches can deliver strong levels of protection that reflect both risk profile and compliance requirements – whilst meeting the strategic and budgetary needs of the business. 

Nick Frost, Co-Founder & Director at Cyber Risk Management Group
Nick Frost is Co-founder and Director at CRMG.  Nick’s career in cybersecurity spans over 20 years, holding leadership roles at PwC and Information Security Forum (ISF). Nick’s combined experience as a seasoned cyber risk practitioner and research lead - designing and implementing pragmatic, risk-based solutions - places him as a leading cyber risk expert.  
Nick’s experience brings to life CRMG’s core principles: prioritising key risks and mitigating activities to achieve a successful, action-focused outcome for the client whilst minimising disruption to day-to-day business activities. 



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1/26/2021 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

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