19/04/21: CIISec Nottingham/Derby/Leicester Branch meeting

19/04/21: CIISec Nottingham/Derby/Leicester Branch meeting
CIISec Nottingham/Derby/Leicester Branch meeting in collaboration with BCS- Sunburst: A New Dawn

Sunburst: A New Dawn

This is a joint event brought to you by BCS Nottingham & Derby and CIISec Nottingham/Derby/Liecester

In December 2020 it was disclosed that IT firm SolarWinds had been compromised by highly skilled threat actors who had modified their software with a vulnerability known as Sunburst. This software was then supplied to a large number of SolarWind’s customers triggering a global and complex cyber incident.
The true impact and repercussions of the SolarWinds attack will not be clear for quite some time but as a security community we need to think differently. What that may look like is not clear at present; what this attack has highlighted is the importance of baselining good security practice and ensuring all virtual doors and windows are locked. So even if we can’t stop an attack we can make things very difficult for the attacker.

With this in mind, this event will discuss 3 different perspectives firstly giving an overview of the attack, next what this may mean for our systems and software going forward and finally as administrators what lessons can we take away to ensure we mitigate against future compromises.

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4/19/2021 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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