09/12/20 - Virtual Branch Meeting 20.7

09/12/20 - Virtual Branch Meeting 20.7
Is Your Governance Remotely working?
Virtual Branch Meeting 20.7 - Is your Governance Remotely Working?
Hosted by Craig Barber, CIISec Thames Valley Branch Chair

Our Host 

Craig Barber, Security Design Expert at mobile network operator O2 and Chair for CIISec's Thames Valley Branch 

About Craig
Craig Barber is a Security Design Expert at mobile network operator O2 (Telefónica UK). He is responsible for security within the e-commerce and enterprise cloud services. He’s previously appeared as a spokesperson on national television and radio, with advice to the public during large scale cyber-attacks such as the WannaCry incident. Craig originally began his career as a Network Apprentice at BT and oversaw the deployment of secure connectivity into a large fleet of police vehicles. He also has a background in establishing Incident Response and Vulnerability Management programs.

Featuring presentations from:

Des Ward, Director of Professional Services, Business Secure

Tate Chakrabarti, Senior Privacy Counsel , Reckitt Benckiser

Data Privacy in 2021: What’s on the horizon

Everything points to 2020 being a very exciting year for Data Privacy. Recent years have been transformational for data privacy. In the wake of the GDPR, Governments around the world are embracing and enacting new privacy laws and regulations. To date, numerous countries have or are due to adopt GDPR like privacy laws.

These laws will actively define political and social landscapes for years to come. Topics such as 5G, the internet of things, privacy in the workplace, facial recognition, use of biometric data, big data in healthcare and surveillance shall be affected by existing or imminent privacy laws. Tate’s talk focuses on privacy topics and issues that are likely to be relevant in 2020 to Governments, companies, data regulatory bodies and individuals.

About Des
Des has been working in the Information Risk Management industry for over 25 years. His background and skillset ranges from the technical to the non-technical through forensics and pen-testing to risk assessment and corporate governance. This allows him to interface between the technologists and the business to facilitate effective communication and understanding between them; achieving compliance in line with business goals.
Previous experience encompasses compliance programmes for HMG and FTSE 100 companies relating to the majority of legislation and regulation; including HSCN CN-SP, the PSN Codes of Practice, IA Maturity Model, Security Policy Framework, Hannigan Review, Data Protection Act 1998/2018, FSA guidelines, Payment Card Data Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the ISO 27000 series of standards and guidelines.
Des’s goals are to build on his wide-ranging experience across different vertical industry sectors to drive a common understanding; where the benefits from effective information risk management can be understood, measured and valued.
More recently, Des has been engaged on the BSI eCommitee for Cyber Risk and Insurance and as an advisor to the NHS Digital Compliance board for the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), and has been heavily involved in the evolution of the HSCN compliance model itself.
Des has a distinction pass in the MSc in IT security from the University of Westminster, where he has also been a visiting lecturer. As well as being a former member of the CESG Listed Adviser Scheme (CLAS) he has also lectured at the University of Bath, has presented on Internet Security Threats to the Whitehats Information Security interest group and on Changing the business perception of Security to the Gartner Security Summit, the BCS, the Whitehats group and the Information Security Forum.

About Tate
Tate Chakrabarti is Global Privacy Counsel at Reckitt Benckiser Group plc. He is an English qualified lawyer with over a decade’s experience in the field of data privacy and commercial law. He has previously held roles in Canada and Germany.

Reckitt Benckiser Group plc are a FTSE listed company. Their well-known brands are available in nearly 200 countries and include (amongst others) Durex, Dettol, Nurofen and Scholl. Tate is responsible for providing the company with strategic and practical legal advice on a range of data privacy issues for global business operations including drafting and negotiating data transfer and processing agreements, data breach preparedness and response, multi-jurisdictional marketing practices, global data transfers, data retention, notification of data losses to a data regulatory body, privacy litigation, eCommerce matters and data localisation requirements.


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12/9/2020 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

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