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We partner with industry to provide discounts on partner events, please see below for a list of our upcoming events:

National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Webinar Series

We're excited to bring you this new series of three webinars in association with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) - the UK's National Measurement Institute. The team at NPL are at the forefront of developing and maintaining the national primary measurement standards; From new antibiotics to tackle resistance and more effective cancer treatments to unhackable quantum communications and superfast 5G, technological advances must be built on a foundation of reliable measurement to succeed. NPL have worked with customers to translate scientific expertise into economic prosperity, skilled employment and improved quality of life.

These webinars will highlight some of the key areas that NPL are focused on and will give a fascinating insight into the innovative and ground breaking work that they do.

NPL Webinar 01 - Tuesday 17th November at 4pm
Presented by Professor Neil Stansfield.
The Digital Future for Britain - The Importance of Digital Infrastructure in a Digital Nation The role of a National Measurement Institute in this – traceability, provenance, Data driven innovation, Future Comms Networks and time sync.
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NPL Webinar 02 - Tuesday 8th December at 4pm
Presented by Stuart Kitney
The need for standards, traceability and measuring data quality – to support Digital Transformation. A new paradigm that will support Info Security.
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NPL Webinar 03 - Tuesday 19th January at 4pm
Presented by Andre Burgess
Assured Autonomy - Case studies on our work in Connected and Autonomous Transport. Protecting the ability to operate.
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