CIISec ABC Guides - Executive Board

This guide focuses on how to give a successful briefing to the Board of an organisation on information security issues. You have to be aware that that the Board are not, in the main, security experts.

The guide sets out:
- Briefing the Board – making you think about Security’s role in your organisation, and how you are perceived by the Board.

- What are Boards looking for? – Cyber Security risk is often one of the top risks of the organisation. Your role is to clearly describe that risk.

- What should CISOs tell their Boards – Firstly answer the question which has got you in-front of the Board, if that’s the reason for your visit. Once that’s answered you can move on to key risk areas you need them to understand – do this in words they understand.

- An Approach - A successful presentation is mainly down to planning. Give yourself time to plan. Plan well in advance. Meet the deadlines for papers.

- Further resources – showing where to find further guidance and support.